Stiim Aqua Cluster

About Stiim Aqua Cluster

Stiim Aqua Cluster represents a complete ecosystem for aquaculture innovation. The cluster is located on the south-western coast of Norway.

Our Five Focus Areas

Areas for aquaculture

The cluster encourages innovation to enhance seafood-production areas both on land, in the sea and in more challenging offshore locations.

Formålet med workshopserien er at bedriften skal konkretisere sin internasjonale forretningsmodell og plan for markedsintroduksjon.(Foto: iStock)

Capital and growth

Stiim’s ambition is to increase the availability of capital to stimulate innovation and growth. The cluster facilitates a national growth-program for aquaculture-companies.


Stiim’s members share experience and knowledge, and the cluster is an active participant in environmental surveillance programs. Stiim promotes R&D projects for innovative aquaculture technology.


Stiim facilitates arenas for cooperation, meetingplaces and social activities for its memers. 

New markets

Blue Planet Academy is the world’s largest e-learning platform on aquaculture. Hundreds of videos and a variety of online courses on salmon and tilapia is offered to customers around the world. 

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More than 130 members

The cluster’s close to 130 members are companies that operate within aquatechnology and aquaculture, start-ups, financial institutions, academia and research communities.

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Contact us

Is your company interested in joining Stiim Aqua Cluster? Contact us by sending an e-mail to 

Stiim Aqua Cluster’s office is located in Måltidets Hus at Ullandhaug in Stavanger. 

Visit us at: Richard Johnsens gate 4, 4021 Stavanger, Norway

Postal address: Stiim Aqua Cluster, PO Box 8034, NO-4068 Stavanger, Norway

You can also find us on LinkedIn